Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fabulous Finds

Welcome everyone~ Blogging is new to me~ I am enjoying reading everyone's beautiful blogs-

First~ I need photography lessons! What gorgeous photos I have seen. My photography expertise is linens- They don't move and against a black background, you can't miss.

So, I have decided to do a weekly post on my favorite subject~~Vintage Linens~~ I will post my weekly finds~ I am fortunate to work with a friend doing estate clean outs and I go to estate sales here in New York.

It is the thrill of the hunt! My latest find ~~ A beautiful French linen Trousseau collection. Monogrammed French linen sheets, pillowcases, fringed show towels and napkins. All stored for years and never used.


Piney Rose said...

Carolyn, these are beautiful! And one with my initials (MB)! I just love vintage linens. Would be interested in your tips for soaking (Biz?). I have some white tablecloths that I picked up at a yard sale and need to remove a few stains.

New York Vintage Linens said...

Hi Melissa
Stain removal on a white tablecloth- it all depends on the fabric. If it is linen or cotton, I like Oxy Clean. The key to getting stains out is soaking and more soaking. If the tablecloths are heavily stained you may need to change the water and Oxy a few times- Use very hot water too.
I would never use Oxy on anything delicate, lacy or with metallic accents ( the Oxy will remove the metallic- ie vintage Christmas tablecloths) Some linen will turn grayish with Oxy too, so use with caution. Good Luck!